Olympics 2012

Olympic Operational Arrangements

Dear Customer,

The Olympics are due to begin 27th July until 12th August. There are several Olympic venues around the UK and the Torch Relay has already started travelling throughout the UK. These will affect services throughout and we will endeavour to give you as much information as possible. UPS are the nominated carrier for the final mile of all Olympic deliveries and as such we are at their sole mercy in this regard.

• Torch Relay – Travelling throughout the UK from 19th May to the 27th July – this may cause delays to deliveries being carried out to town’s the Torch is travelling through. A list of dates and area’s are available here: Olympic Torch Relay  

• Olympic Venue’s – All deliveries to any Olympic Venue during the Lockdown period will incur a £ 105.00 per pallet surcharge. All pallets must be on standard pallet base of 1.2m x 1.2m with maximum height of 1.4m. This pallet specification is for security screening purposes at the UPS depot. A full list of Venue’s and Lockdown Dates are available here: Olympic Venues for UPS Deliveries spreadsheet

• Central London Congestion – Deliveries within the Olympic Route Network and Central London Area – Map and List of Main postcodes affected are available here:london-2012-olympic-route-network  & Olympic Route Postcode & Map

• Deliveries/ Collections to these areas will be affected. Waiting time will be cut to 20 minutes from arrival. Timed and AM consignments will be prioritised but are not guaranteed as they may be subject to delays due to congestion / security etc. Parking Tickets will be passed prior to notification so please ensure delivery points have suitable off-loading bays/area.

• Games Lanes Deliveries – Deliveries to premises on the Olympic Games Lanes can only be carried out after the Olympic restricted hours. This means we can only deliver between the hours of Midnight and 6am. We will be unable to offer Timed or Booked Window slots for these deliveries and they will incur a surcharge of £85.00 per consignment. Waiting time for these deliveries will also be restricted to 20 minutes from arrival. They also require a landline and mobile number for the delivery point prior to attempting due to us being unable to contact our customers during the restricted hours.

This list is not exhaustible however we are at the mercy of any updated security requirements. We will keep you updated as much as possible.
Please can any queries for Olympic activity be directed to Vanda Roberts.

Kind Regards
Dalkeith Transport.