SMCC Knockhill 1st Race 2012 season

The 2012 season of The Celtic Speed Mini Cooper Cup started off with a bumper grid of 27 Minis, the biggest ever grid of Minis!!

Fiona qualified a respectful 16th out of 27 with a time that last year would have put her securely in the top 10.  This just shows how competitive the minis have become.

Race 1 was red flagged after 2 laps due to an incident involving 3 Minis.  The race re-started and Fiona maintained her position, a few laps in a small error at the hairpin allowed several cars to nip past on the start/finish straight.  Fiona finished in 17th and first of the ladies.

Just before race 2 the heavens opened and the race was declared a wet race.  A poor start from Fiona saw her lose several positions but throughout the race she managed to work her way back up as many fell fowl to the poor conditions.  The final 3 laps she was battling hard with Elaine Marshall for 13th position, Fiona was pushing her hard but was unable to find a way through.

Race 3 – Due to an electrical issue that occurred moments before the Minis were due to go out, Fiona was told her Mini was not safe to race and therefore she had to watch the race from the Pit lane.





Next race meeting 5th/6th May at Knockhill.